For over 20 years, APS has provided advanced design and development services for companies that seek to outsource projects to an engineering group with a broad spectrum of knowhow and experience. The APS design team operates from its R&D centers in the USA, Israel, Germany and Holland while retaining full-time Western engineers in China to supervise factory production and ensure full compliance to international manufacturing standards.

The APS design team has been able to consistently lower manufacturing costs by coordinating between early-stage prototyping and later-stage issues such as material selection, tooling and factory automation. This mature "total view" approach has helped APS to gain market foothold and establish itself as a major turnkey manufacturer for internationals such as Sony, Dell, HTC, Novell, Panasonic and Toshiba.

Our design team provides a major competitive advantage in lowering costs for companies that need quick turnaround for design & production services. Our flexible "can do it" attitude has won us popularity with a growing customer base which regards APS as an integral part of their business success.


For companies that need to bring to market multiple advanced products, the balance between immediate response and long-term planning lies at the heart of business success. At APS we offer a customer-first approach and our expert multilingual team can engage rapidly at any stage of the design or manufacturing process. To save you time, money and resources we offer a well-rounded group of engineers that has learned how to trim costs and reduce time curves at every stage of the design and production process.

Our design experts work with highly reliable suppliers and can plan your product specs using quality materials attained at competitive prices. Our 20 years of experience in the Chinese marketplace allows us to navigate easily between suppliers, manufacturers, shippers and government offices, saving you the time & effort of starting your China engagement from scratch. Call us today to hear our ideas for getting your products quickly to market while ensuring engineering & design excellence at every stage of the way.